Frank H. Blatz, Jr.'54, P'82, "It Is Our Turn to Ensure Taft's Future"

Photo of Frank H. Blatz, Jr.'54, P'82As an alumnus of Taft, Class of 1954, the father of son Gregory '82, and the grandfather of Caroline '13 and Margaret '15, I believe I have a good "feel" for the Taft experience—which now spans three generations.

The Taft School of my day was a far different place than the Taft School of today; however, the underlying fundamentals that drive our school are basically the same. They have survived the test of time. Such goals as the pursuit of academic excellence and preparation of the student for college life and the world that awaits him or her thereafter remain steadfast.

As a Marine officer, I was instilled with the concepts of leadership, responsibility, self-sufficiency, preparedness, and loyalty. These are attributes that one hopefully retains for a lifetime. I feel that these same values are being inculcated and reflected in the overall Taft experience.

The expense of providing these values is costly. Based upon my experience as an estate-planning attorney, I am fully aware of the various tax benefits, both income and estate, that can flow from a well-planned estate. Vehicles such as unrestricted gifts during one's lifetime or a bequest by the way of a will, remainder trust, or a gift annuity benefiting the school's endowment fund will go a long way in providing economic stability to the school's finances.

It is for these reasons that I established an unrestricted bequest to Taft under the terms and provisions of my will. My participation in the Horace Dutton Taft Legacy Society, I hope, will help Taft prepare for its next generation of students. The Taft School has been very good to me, my son, and my granddaughters. I want to see the Taft experience of excellence continue well into the future.

I encourage everyone who has not already established a planned gift for Taft to seriously consider one—unrestricted, which is preferable, or one that is restricted. The school's long-term viability depends on it. If you have a will, you need only add a codicil to it—which is easy and won't involve a lot of time or expense.

Thank you for your consideration. My wife and I look forward to welcoming you at future Horace Dutton Taft Legacy Society events.


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